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Report Date: February 6, 2012

Sorry for the delay in reports. I really try to keep them up to date, but as usual, January turned out to be an extremely busy month. As busy as it has been, I wish the fishing was a little better. It is not bad, but not red hot like it should. We have managed to catch a sailfish on every single trip but one since the last report. Our best day we caught 9 sailfish, but for the most part have been averaging 2 to 5 sailfish per trip. Although that is not bad, we have not had the stellar double digit days that we normally get in January and February. Not to fret though, the sailfish will get here in big numbers very soon and then it will be game on! One of the reasons I say that they are on their way, is that the big bite that happened north of us in January has started to dissipate and for the past week or so, we are seeing more multiples. We have had quite a few doubleheaders and also our first few tripleheaders and our first quadruple (4 sailfish on at one time) of 2012. That means the fish are starting to move south in bigger packs. They will be here in big numbers very soon – I promise!

Besides sailfish, the best news is that there has been a relatively good wahoo bite in Miami. We caught a couple of wahoo last week, and every day you hear of a few wahoo caught as well. Most of the wahoo are 15 to 30 pounds, but are a blast on light tackle. Speaking of wahoo, we also went o Bimini with my good friend and customer, Roger, to go fish high speed trolling for wahoo. We wanted to go for two days, but due to weather and our schedules, we snuck out for a long one day hop to Bimini. We left early, cleared Customs and starting trolling south for the hoos. Immediately after putting out the spread, we caught one in front of Bimini. As moved south we caught another in front of Cat Cay. We continued south all the way to Riding Rock and proceeded to catch 6 more until it was time to hed home. The first wahoo was the smallest one at about 25 pounds, but the rest were between 35 and 55 pounds. It was a great day with great weather, good company and good fishing. You can check out a short video I did on YouTube
I hope you enjoy the video. Very soon I will have a new page added to my website with current videos for you guys to watch.

Besides sails and a few wahoo, we have also had some small mahis and lately we have seen and caught a few decent kingfish up to 35 pounds. I haven’t been swordfishing and really have not heard of much on the swords. With the Miami Boat Show coming in a week or so, we do have a few sword trips (both day and night) scheduled. Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather and good swordfishing.

The schedule is pretty booked for February and March is already starting to fill in. Weekends are hard to come by, but due to a cancellation, I have this weekend open and we have a cold front coming. The wind is scheduled to be out of the north, so this might be the weekend to go sailfishing. Give me a call as I would hate to miss out on a great bite that may happen.

Enjoy the new pictures and the video and give me call and let’s go fishing!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos

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