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Cold Fronts are Coming!

Report Date: November 2, 2014

The past couple of days I have been at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show doing sea trials for SeaVee Boats. They had the new 34-stepped hull boat there and the 39 and 32 stepped hulls. I was primarily doing the sea trials for the 34. Wow what a boat. I mean my boat is great, but the new stepped hull seems even better. It didn’t take long as I already put an order down on the new 34 and hopefully will have it before the summer Bahamas season. Can’t wait!

Since my last report, I have been to the Bahamas twice wahoo fishing and both trips were good and the last trip was great. We were high speed trolling for wahoos. The wahoo bite is usually best on the outgoing tide but this last trip the bite was pretty consistent on both sides of the tide. We had quite a few doubleheaders and even had one triple-header. The fish were decent size with one fish around 55 pounds and the rest between 35 and 45 pounds. There is nothing like doing 15 knots and then a high speed wahoo hits the lure and the line just screams out. Some of the hits are so violent you think the reel is simply going to explode. It is quite the sight and quite the sound. I can’t wait to hed over there again and catch some more hoos!

I also had another daytime swordfish trip with a long time customer. Kurt has fished with me in the past and had some banner sailfish days including one day where we caught over 20 sailfish. This time he wanted to check out the daytime swordfish fishery. It was a bit on the rough side but my SeaVee handled it well. We did catch a swordfish so it was well worth fishing in the rougher weather.

We have also had some trips on the edge and the most consistent bite has been the mahis. There was a pretty good amount of sargasso weed from 400 ft. out to about 900 feet and being up in the tower and just cruising the weeds you are able to spot the mahis swimming and cast live baits to them. Our best trip we caught about 20 or so decent size mahis. We are also starting to see the first good signs of our sailfish season. With the wind out of the north, due to the few cold fronts we have had, we are starting to see more sailfish. There was a small sailfish tournament last week (unfortunately I didn’t fish it) but the lead boat won with 5 sailfish releases for the day. If we start to get some north current, the sailfish bite will continue to get better.

We are already in November and now is the time to start planning your winter sailfish trips, especially if you want to fish during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Book your trips now and lets go catch some fish!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos

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