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Green Water Finally Gone?

Report Date: February 14, 2017

It has been a slow sailfish season so far. For great sailfishing you really need Mother Nature to cooperate. You need steady cold fronts, good north current and blue water on the edge. For the past two months we have had an influx of green water that has been stubborn to move out. Luckily yesterday we finally saw that green water move out and blue water took its place. Luckily we have had steady north current and that has been one of the factors on why we have still managed to catch a few sailfish almost every day. This time of year you expect 3 to 5 shots at sailfish per day and if the conditions are ideal you should see double digit releases. For the most part we are getting 1 or 2 sailfish per day. We did have one full day trip where we never did get a sailfish, but on the other hand we had two trips this pat two weeks that we caught 4 and 5 sailfish per trip. I do expect those numbers to go up especially since this green water is finally clearing out of here. If any of you recall, last year January and February were slow, but the spring was on fire with lots of double-digit release days.

Most of our charters we have fished on the edge but I did do one trip to Bimini were we caught a few wahoo hi speed trolling as well as some yellow eye snappers deep dropping. I have also heard of a few swordfish being caught deep dropping. Along the edge there has been a mixed bag of kingfish, mahi and some tunas (mostly bonitos and blackfin tunas).

We have the Miami Boat show this week and I still have Thursday and Friday open in case anyone is interested. Then we go on a nice little stretch of 10 trips in a row, which brings us into March. March is about 50% full, which still leaves plenty of dates open to enjoy a break from the cold weather up north and sample some great South Florida weather and winter fishing. So give me a call and lets set up that trip!
Tight Lines,

Capt. Dean Panos

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