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Sailfish Season is Here!

Report Date: November 24, 2005

The fishing is finally getting to where it should be this time of year. We stayed busy pretty much every day this week and the fishing didn?t disappoint us. For one, the sailfishing has continued to improve. We have caught at least one sailfish on each of our trips and our best day was 5 out 7. The recent cold front definitely got the sailfish moving. We had NW winds for the past few days and a very light North current. The water color wasn?t so hot though. It was a clean blue green color with no real defined edge. If we had hard flowing North current and blue water, the sailfish may have exploded. Not that I am complaining. Catching 5 out 7 sailfish is great on any given day.

Besides sailfish, there have been quite a few dolphin around. The dolphin have been a shallow as 50 feet of water. You usually see the frigate birds on them. We saw some pretty impressive bait showers in shallow. Dolphin were causing almost all of the bait showers. To indicate how ravenous these fish can be, we had one dolphin of about 15 pounds that had 16 ballyhoo in his stomach and still ate our live pilchard. These fish are gorging themselves on the plentiful bait that is around.

Another really hot fishery that we didn?t tap into this week, but plenty of other boats did was the red-hot mackerel fishing. A few of the charters boats as well as plenty of the smaller boats stayed in shallow had and had a blast with the mackerel. This is the time of year for them and these cold fronts definitely get them fired up.

Their cousins the kingfish have also been around. We have caught kings on practically every trip and caught a decent king close to 30 pounds yesterday. It ate a kite bait and really burned some line out. It hit so fast that I originally thought it must be a wahoo. It turned out to be a king and decent one at that.

December is starting to fill in, but I still have plenty of days left. I have a few days open during the Christmas Holidays as well. That is usually a very busy week. If your coming down for the holidays or simply want to get out the house, give us a call and lets get you out fishing. I also have gift certificates for fishing trips in case you are stumped and don?t know what to get that special someone for the holidays. These seem to be a hot ticket this year as I have already given out quite a few.

I have a few of the sailfish tournaments open this year.
Unfortunately we just got cancelled for the Sailfish Kickoff on Dec 3rd. Although it is short notice, anyone interested in this tournament, please give me a call (I may have a deal with entries). The dates are Dec 3rd and 4th.
Below is a list of the other tournaments that I have open.

Mayors Cup ? January 28, 29th
Miami Billfish Tournament ? April 7-9th.

That?s it for now, enjoy your Thanksgiving and give me a call and lets go fishing!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos

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