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Sailfish In Miami

Report Date: January 30, 2006

Sorry about the timeliness of the reports, but I have been fishing every day and a few nights as well. The sailfishing is still very good (except for today). For the most part, we have been averaging 4 to 5 sails a day. Since my last report, we had one day that we went into double digits and three or four days that we caught 8. Today was the exception as we almost had leader on one fish and pulled the hook on another one. With these reports you hate to give the impression that we always catch a bunch of sailfish every day. The days that the conditions are right, we usually catch a few, and on the opposite end, when the conditions aren?t right we often struggle to catch one or two. Today the water was green, with very little current and a south wind. Even with these conditions though, we managed to hook 2 sailfish. On the other hand, last week we had blue water with a north current and wind out of the north eventually turning towards the east. With those conditions we were averaging 5 to 10 sailfish a day.

Besides the sailfish, there has been a decent amount of dolphin around. My buddy Mike on the Lisa L caught a nice dolphin that weighed in at 50 pounds. There have also been a few wahoo around and some kings to fill in the time waiting for the sails to bite. The wind has been blowing pretty much everyday, so we only managed one swordfish trip since the last report. Luckily we caught a few swordfish that night with the biggest one at 160 pounds.

The next month will be extremely busy. I only have 4 open dates, but I do have some dates open in March. The sailfishing should continue to be strong and the dolphin and kings should continue to cooperate as well. Some of my biggest dolphin have been caught in February with live baits on the kite. I also have quite a few sword trips booked so hopefully the weather will allow us to go. That?s it for now, I have gotten e-mails about my lack of reports so hopefully I be able to get the reports to you in a more timely fashion ? sorry for the delay!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos

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