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Bimini Bound

Report Date: June 14, 2004

Well, we spent the better part of the last two weeks in Bimini. We did a bunch of back-to-back trips, coming and going to Bimini. The fishing there was about as good as it gets. Earlier last week, days around the full moon, we did excellent on the mutton snappers. The mutton fishing in the Bahamas is usually very good a few days before the full moon until a few days after the full moon. The best months are May, June and July. The July dates are already booked around the full moon; so if you didn?t book your trip, start thinking about next year?s mutton run.

The yellowtail snapper fishing so far this year has been absolutely phenomenal. The average yellowtail is 3 pounds but we caught a few that were well over 5 pounds. I fished areas both south and north of Bimini, and the yellowtail fishing was great at both places. When yellowtails pull drag on 20 pound spin tackle, you know you have a good yellowtail on.

We also caught some groupers, mostly blacks and a few nice reds, as well as some decent size Nassau. We jigged for some of the grouper and also caught some on the bottom while we were yellowtail fishing.

As most people know, the kingfish in the Bahamas can get quite big. We caught quite a few kings in the 40-pound class including one whopper king that weighed out at 53 pounds.

Besides the yellowtails, muttons, groupers and kings, we also had a field day with some big amberjacks, some horse eye jacks, sharks and cudas. The action this time of year is basically non-stop. It can get to the point that you can literally wear yourself out within 2 to 3 hours of fishing over there.

This week we have a few swordfish trips scheduled, and then we go back across for a few more days. So far it has been a great summer of fishing and hopefully it will continue. For more info on Bahama trips or evening swordfish trips, give me a call and we can set up the trip perfect for you!

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,

Capt. Dean Panos


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