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Busy Summer

Report Date: July 19, 2014

Summertime is when we are supposed to slow down a bit and recharge from a busy sailfish season. That has not been the case this summer as it has been extremely busy and I have been fishing every single day since my last report. No complaints here as there is nothing I would rather do than go fishing. Part of the increase in summertime charters is that everyone knows how good the mahi fishing has been this summer. A lot of locals are calling to take their kids out and enjoy a great day on the water catching mahis. It really is a great trip especially when it is flat calm, which it often is in the summer. Also the look in the kids faces as they see the mahis swimming around the boat are priceless. Just yesterday we had a school of over 100 mahis swimming and eating everything we threw at them. There has been a lot of Sargasso weed in the Gulfstream this year and that is one part of the reason it has been so good. Now don’t get me wrong, even as good as it has been, there will be days when the mahi fishing has been off. Just a few days ago we had very slow mahi fishing but made up for it by catching a very nice wahoo under a log. When we pulled up to the log, I figured well we are going to limit out on mahis or at least catch quite a few. Much to my surprise there were no mahis in sight but we trolled a lure down deep and were able to catch a sweet wahoo. The very next day we caught 20 something mahis and the day after that we caught 38. On the average I would say it has been 20 or more mahis per day. Most of them are schoolies from just a few pounds to 5 or 6 pounds. We did have a day last week that we caught some schoolies as well as a few fish in the 20-pound range. Most of the bigger fish have been coming on the troll.

Next week I am heading back to Bimini for hopefully some great tuna action as well as some bottom fishing. After that I have a few more mahi trips scheduled. I also have a swordfish trip scheduled tomorrow and one the following week. There have been some swords caught the past few days so hopefully we will be tight tomorrow and the next trip. This is the time when the sword action during the day and evening gets better and then peaks in the fall. Call now and reserve those trips as September and October already have plenty of sword trip bookings.

Last report I mentioned the cubera snapper trips and I did get a few inquiries but I still have the full moon of August open. The best days will be August 8th through the 12. If you haven’t pulled on one of these monsters, now is the time.

We will be in August soon and that means summer will be winding down. Now is the time to book those summer trips before the kids go back to school and enjoy a great day out on the water!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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