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End of the Year

Report Date: December 31, 2004

It?s the end of another year. We had some great fishing trips this year. I?d like to thank all my repeat customers and all my new customers for booking trips with me. As most of you know, I work hard at what I do and hope that each one of you had a great fishing experience.

Some of the highlights of this year would have to include the day we caught 13 sailfish out of 15 bites, the night we caught 7 swordfish out of 9 that we hooked, the recent tarpon trip that we caught 13 tarpon in two hours. Those types of trips are always memorable, but sometimes catching the one fish, being it a sailfish, swordfish, tarpon, dolphin etc., is the trip that your client will remember forever. This upcoming year, I will work even harder to make sure that every trip we take is going to be a trip to remember. Surely you don?t catch 13 sailfish every day, but if the opportunities are there, we are going to capitalize on them.

On a more recent note, the week between Christmas and New Years is always a busy week. We fished practically every day. The fishing was very good; unfortunately the wind was almost too much. The first trip we had is when we caught 13 tarpon out of 16 hook ups. Offshore, the sailfish bite has been hot to the south. We have been catching bait by Government Cut then heading down the bay and either stopping at Bug Light for herring or keep heading south past Fowey Light. Our first trip down there, I fished with a father and daughter. The seas were rough, but we caught 4 sailfish in an hour or so. The dad was completely satisfied with 4 sails and the daughter was starting to feel the effects of the waves so back to the dock we went. The next day we went down there again and ended up catching 5 out of 9 sailfish. That day the ocean was alive. Besides sails, we also caught a handful of dolphin and a shark. We saw a ton of bait including flying fish and ballyhoo. At one point I looked next to the boat and actually saw a sailfish bat a bait with his bill, stun it and eat it. We casted a live herring to him, but his only interest were in the ballyhoo he was eating. Besides that one sail, we saw at least 8 others swimming either in our spread or around it. The next day was even rougher. We caught bait and headed south again. Once we got to our spot and put the big sea anchor out, the waves were crashing over the bow. The clients had enough in less than 30 minutes and back to the dock we went. Today?s trip we postponed until the weather will cooperate a bit better.

To all my friends, clients and sponsors, I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.

P.S. For 2005 ? Look for the new Double D. New boat should be launched by the end of January 2005. Some new and exciting features.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Capt. Dean Panos


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