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Happy New Year!

Report Date: January 3, 2010

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone much success in this new year. I would also like to thank my many customers, both new and repeats for making this another great year for Double D. I know that this was a hard year for many, trust me the economy has definitely hurt the charter business, but both loyal and new clients kept us going last year. We had so many great memories and so many good times. We caught lots of sailfish and swordfish, had a great time in the Bahamas with tunas and even blue marlin. There were countless trips of anglers catching their first offshore gamefish and countless trips of old salts just wanting to get out and have some fun. I thank each and every one and hope to see you all again this year.

The week between Christmas and New Year is always busy and this year we had great fishing to go with it. The sail bite started slow but we switched gears a bit and caught lots of kingfish and loads of dorado. When the kings and dorado slowed down the sailfish bite picked right up. We had at least three sailfish per trip and had as many as 13 bites one day. Our best day we caught 7 sailfish out of 13 bites and had another day we caught 7 out 10. No matter how many sailfish I see, I still get so excited to see one come up and eat a live bait from the kite. Just today I was looking in the water and saw a good size sailfish swimming from the north heading straight towards our short kite bait. The fish was black and swimming real slow. As soon as the sailfish saw the jumbo threadfin herring on the kite bait, its whole body turned an iridescent blue and purple and kicked it into high gear and ate the bait. My customers and I watched this in awe. As soon as it ate we were off to the races and ending up catching that fish after a solid 15 minutes of tug and war. Earlier in the week we hooked a monster sailfish that was close to 90 pounds. Usually a sailfish will eat and hed south and eventually turn offshore. You know you have a big sailfish on when they eat and then hed west. This fish pulled us into 50 ft of water and we fought it for over 45 minutes. We got the fish close, took some pictures and then cut the leader close to hook and watched it swim away. This past week we put quite a few people on their first sailfish ever. It is always a thrill to have someone catch there first billfish on the Double D.

We had quite a few cold fronts and have more on their way. My schedule is a bit tight towards the middle and end of January but have plenty of open dates this week and next. Give me a call and let’s go out and catch em.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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