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Mixed Conditions

Report Date: December 8, 2004

If you find the right conditions, you will usually find the fish. For the past two weeks, we have had changing conditions. When you find the bluer water with some north current, you usually find sailfish and dolphin. A lot of our clients this time of year have been targeting sailfish, and luckily we have been able to put almost all of our trips on at least one if not more. When the conditions have been tougher with no current and green water, we have kept somewhat busy with the kingfish.

The past two weeks we have done a few of our new sailfish/swordfish combos. We have been successful on all of them, especially with respect to the swordfish. In the past two weeks we have been out swordfishing 4 times and caught swordfish on every trip, with as many as 3 in one trip. We had one night that the action was red hot. We hooked 8 swordfish in less than 5 hours, but unfortunately did not land even half of them. It?s still pretty good action to be tight on fish, almost the entire night, especially considering the fact that they are broadbills. Our second sail/sword combo started slow during the day, but peaked at night. We caught 2 out of 3 swords, with one sword at 180 pounds (67 inch fork length with a fat girth) and a smaller 120-pound fish.

The forecast for the rest of this week and the weekend looks real good. I was out catching goggle eyes last night for this weekends tournament ? the Sailfish Kickoff" target="_blank"> There was very clean blue water with a strong north current everywhere I fished. The upcoming cold front and these good conditions should fire the sailfish up. There have also been a few yellowfin tuna caught, including a 120-pound yellowfin caught on the Thomas Flyer with Capt. Jimbo Thomas. Also on the deeper side of the edge, there?s been some wahoo caught. We caught a 31-pound wahoo last weekend while live baiting on the deeper edge.

Holidays are almost here. We have a few days left during the holiday break, so give me a call to set up that trip. Also, don?t forget about gift certificates. If you can?t figure out a gift for the special fishing friend/partner/spouse, give him/her a gift certificate for a day of fishing.

And lastly, we only have two sailfish tournaments that we are open for. One is the Cocoplum Sailfish Tournament, which is January 14-16, and the second one is Billfish Masters on March 19 and 20. If you are interested in tournament fishing, please give me a call.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Capt. Dean Panos


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