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Report Date: December 16, 2017

We have had some gorgeous weather here in South Florida, albeit a little chilly for us South Floridians. The great news is that this colder weather and the cold fronts will drive the sailfish south and into our waters in even bigger numbers. As the water gets colder to the north, the baitfish start migrating south and on their tails are the sailfish. A good indication of when the sailfish start moving is you get more multiple hookups. Early in the season most of our bites are singles but the past two weeks we are getting more doubleheaders and even a few tripleheaders (3 sailfish on at one time). Its exciting enough to see one sailfish jumping all around the boat but having three in the air at one time is awesome. Sailfish season is now in full swing and will continue well into April.

Besides sailfish there have been a few decent mahis on the edge and most have been caught with the live baits on the kites in between the sailfish bites. We have seen fish up to 25 pounds and have heard of some pushing 40 pounds. A 40-pound mahi will definitely pull some drag and put up quite the fight on the twenty-pound tackle we use while kite fishing. There have also been some kingfish around as well as some small tunas.
On the other side of the Gulfstream have been some sporadic reports of wahoos in Bimini. Most people are focused on sailfish in Miami this time of year, but when the weather permits, some boats have been venturing over to Bimini for some high speed wahoo trolling as well as some decent deep dropping for snappers. We have a trip scheduled over there in two weeks so hopefully we will get good weather and good fishing.
The holidays are almost here and I still have a few openings. So if you have people coming to town or are coming to Miami, it's a great way to spend the holidays going fishing with friends and family. I also offer gift certificates, which are quite popular this time of year. If you have someone in your life that you simply don't know what to give him or her, what a better gift for a fisherman than a fishing trip on the Double D.

  Enjoy the holidays and lets go fishing!!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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