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Good Days and Nights

Report Date: July 16, 2007

I have been pretty lucky this past week and have fished a few nights as well as a few days. The daytime fishing has been decent for us with dolphin offshore. One day we had a combo trip starting at 2:00pm and ending at 2:00am. We were targeting dolphin in the Gulfstream and swordfish at night. We were fortunate enough to run into a school of decent size dolphin. Most were from 5 to 12 pounds. We caught quiet a few and then headed to the sword grounds. Again luck was on our side and we landed two swordfish that night. One was ~ 100 pounds and the second one was a bit smaller. It was a great day and a great night of fishing. We have had a few other sword trips and we caught one swordfish one night and missed a few the other night. The swordfishing should get a bit better as we are getting in a much better moon phase all the way up to the end of this month.

Our other daytime trips we had were productive as well. We caught dolphin offshore in the Gulfstream and also fished on the edge. On the edge there have been a few kingfish and a quite a few bonitos. We also hooked a sailfish on one of our trips and heard a few other boats catch sailfish as well. Up to yesterday there has been smoking north current and very clean blue water. If that keeps up the fishing on the edge will get even better.

Today I went out with a good friend of mine, Bobby Boyle, to try and catch a swordfish during the day. The guys in the Keys are having some luck with that, and that is probably due to them having less current than what we experience here in Miami. That being said though, Bobby and I went out, and Lady Luck was on our side. We actually hooked and caught a 250 pound swordfish during the day. It was quite a rush to see a swordfish of that size jumping in the daylight and better yet knowing that she is hooked up to one of your rods. I thought swordfish jumped quite a bit at night, but this daytime swordfish was airborne quite a bit. It may just be luck, but I hope to keep trying this technique for a little while and if the results are the same, we will be posting a bit more on this subject.

Next week we are off to Bimini for a few days and then come right back and fish a few nights for swordfish. This is the time of year that swordfishing becomes popular and who could argue with going out at night and avoiding the heat of the day, and hopefully coming back with some fresh swordfish steaks as well.

I STILL have a few swordfish tournaments openings... Tournaments are always exciting and there is also the possibility of making a few dollars. With that said, if you are interested please give me a call. Below is a list of the swordfish tournaments that I have openings for:

Aug. 18th Swordlords Tournament, Ft. Lauderdale

Dusk to Dawn Swordfish Tournament – Dates TBD

Sept. 27-30 Miami Swordfish Tournament (Florida Swordfish Series), Miami Beach Florida Swordfish Series

Dec. 1st Hydroglow Winter Swordfest, Hillsboro

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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