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Its Official

Report Date: November 18, 2018

It is official- Sailfish season has begun and we have been very consistent catching sailfish on all of our full day trips. We did have one ľ day trip where we couldn’t find one but for the most part we have caught at least one and as many as 5 on our trips these past two weeks. The sailfish have mostly been singles (hooking one fish at a time) but as we get into our winter season and the cold fronts start rolling through we will start experiencing more multiples and nothing is exciting as have 2, 3 ,4, 5 and even 6 sailfish on at the same time. Is controlled chaos to say the least and a lot of fun. Besides sailfish there have been some decent mahis on the edge as well as a few kingfish and small blackfin tunas and bonitos.

  We also did two wahoo trips to Bimini since the last report. One trip was slow; we did catch a couple of wahoos but then switched gears and went bottom fishing, which was decent. The second trip we ran pretty far south and ended up catching 5 decent size wahoo in a 4-hour period. As the cold fronts that affect the sailfishing roll through, the wahoo fishing will get even better. Just like the sailfishing we have been getting singles but soon we are expecting doubles and triples. The pandemonium of having three wahoos screaming out line at the same time is simply amazing. I have at least two more wahoo trips in December so we are hoping for some hot action.

  We also did a couple of daytime sword trips and one trip we never got a bite but the last trip we did yesterday we released a hundred pound swordfish. We waited all day for that bite and literally seconds before I was going to call it a day, my mate dropped down to retouch bottom one more time and as he did the line went completely slack meaning the fish ate the bait on the way done. We fought the fish on my new Hooker detachable drive reel and the reel performed flawlessly. We don't have many more day sword trips planned, but now is truly the time to go catch one.

November is almost gone and most of November is booked already but some dates still exist. About a third of December is already booked which means two thirds is still open. We also have the holidays in December and almost all the days are already gone but some are still available. I also offer gift certificates, which are excellent presents for that special fisherman/woman in your life. What a better gift than a fishing trip! So whether it's a gift certificate or planning on a fishing trip, give me a call and lets set it up.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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