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Ready For The Holidays!

Report Date: December 11, 2023

We are now into both our sailfish and swordfish peak seasons. Sailfishing is typically November through April. This November started out great, but December so far has been disappointing. The fishing the last few days has been poor, but I am sure that this next cold front coming this week will pick things right back up. We just started to get good conditions again with North current and blue water and yesterday we saw quite a bit of bait (mostly flyers) getting chased around. These conditions plus the cold fronts will drive more sailfish into our waters.


  When the weather has been cooperative, we have taken advantage of the swordfishing. We caught swordfish on our past 6 trips with the exception of one trip and the conditions that day were not very good. We have been having a couple of multiple fish days, catching 2 or more swordfish per day. Average size was about 125 pounds but we did have one trip where we had a 350 pounder on the leader several time so I guess you can constitute that as a leader release. There was also a 700 pound plus swordfish caught a week ago in the same area we fish in, so you just don’t know how big the next fish you are going to hook. The swordfishing will continue to stay good for quite a few more months. You just need to have the right weather conditions for it.


  As the title states, the holidays are here. With that said, there will be a lot of people visiting friends and family in South Florida. We are almost completely booked between Christmas and New Year’s (booked from Dec 19th through January 10th). The only days open in that time frame are Dec 24th and Dec 29th. If you have friends or family in town or simply want to go fishing, please contact us and get one of those dates before they get booked.

Another great option for the Holidays is a gift certificate. If you have that special someone in your life that loves to fish and want the ultimate gift or just can’t figure out what to get them, purchase a gift certificate for a fishing trip on the “Double D”. The gift certificate is good for an entire year so you can schedule at your convenience.

I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and see you on the edge!

Tight Lines
Capt. Dean Panos


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