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Spring is Here

Report Date: April 3, 2005

Another two weeks of very good fishing and lots of great stories. Starting with the day fishing ? sailfishing has been very consistent and has been exceptional on occasion. We caught sailfish on every trip this past week with the exception of one trip, where we had some shots, but failed to stay connected. Our best day we caught 9 out 12 sails followed by a few days where we caught 5 sailfish each day. For the most part we are still averaging 2 ? 5 sailfish per day. The location we have fished has changed almost dramatically each day. If there is current in front of Miami, then the sailfish are there. If not we have been running south until we find the current. For the most part, we have been using herring and pilchards as bait.

Along with the sailfish, we are finally starting to see some decent kingfish action. Most of the fish are from 10 ? 20 pounds, with some bigger ones starting to show up. Besides the kings, you know spring is here as we start hearing of more tunas being caught. This past week, there were quite a few yellowfins caught, averaging in size from 25 to 40 pounds. I did hear of one estimated at 100 pounds that was broken off. The blackfin tunas are starting to show up as well and we caught our first one of the season this past week. With the time change, and for people that can?t get out early, we are now offering late afternoon trips staring at 4:00pm and ending around 8:00pm. What a great way to finish the day! Besides the kings, sails, and tunas, there have also been a few cobia around, including a nice 60 pounder we caught a week or so ago. We had just finished catching our 5th sailfish of the day and started to pull in our kites. As the last kite was getting close, a huge leatherback surfaced just behind the kite. As the last threadfin on the kite was being reeled in a huge wake created by 5 or 6 huge cobia started pushing the threadfin herring almost out of the water. A huge cobia came up and ate our herring and after a great battle we boated this 60 pound cobia. We have also been fishing some of the wrecks and have tired out our anglers on big bruiser amberjacks as well as some decent groupers.

The night fishing has been very good as well. We went swordfishing a few times last week and our most memorable night we caught 2 swords and released and estimated 350 pound mako shark. We contemplated killing it, but we didn?t have the harpoon ready and sometimes it is just best to watch a great animal like this keep swimming. The swords we caught were decent and were caught by a lady junior angler. The one she did catch solo was just pounds shy of an IGFA Junior Angler World record. This same girl was also the one who caught the 350 pound Mako. Besides the swordfishing at night, the tarpon fishing has been excellent as well.

As you can see, probably the best months of the year are here and there is going to be plenty of action in April and May. Book your trips now as both months are starting to fill up.

  Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Capt. Dean Panos


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