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Still Good

Report Date: June 9, 2006

The fishing continues to remain very good with dolphin taking the top spot. The dolphin fishing has been good both on the edge and in the Gulfstream. Since our last report we went back to Bimini and we found dolphin on both our crossings. The schools have been fairly large with some schools holding at least a hundred fish. The size has varied on the schools from fish of a few pounds to schools holding decent 5 -8 pound fish. There have also been plenty of big dolphin from 20 – 50 pounds under frigate birds and away from the schoolies. We caught quite a few decent fish tolling away from the schoolies. The dolphin fishing has been very good from the Keys all the way up past Palm Beach. There have now been to dolphin over 70 pounds caught these past few weeks.

Fishing in the Bahamas has been good as well. We mostly caught yellowtail snappers, groupers, mackerels, amberjacks, sharks, etc. If the predators hone in on you while you are trying to catch snappers and groupers, it is often best just to relocate, because no matter how fast you reel, the shark, cuda or jack, usually wins.

On the edge off Miami, there have been some decent dolphin, some very small dolphin, a million bonitas, a few sails, some blackfin tunas, and some kingfish. The kingfish bite seems better up north towards Palm Beach.

This will be my last report for a while since I’m heading out to the Bahamas for close to three weeks. I’ll be in several different islands targeting tunas, marlin, dolphin and bottom fish. It should be a blast. It looks like I’ll have good weather from my long crossing (last year it was 7 foot for 6 hours plus). I’ll post a report as soon as I get back.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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