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Report Date: June 15, 2022

It is summer in South Florida. With summer comes mahi fishing in the Gulfstream, swordfishing both day and night, and trips to the Bahamas.
Starting with mahis �“ mahis are found in the Gulfstream in South Florida. These trips consist of mostly running and gunning as well as trolling looking for birds and debris. The mahis we find are usually in big schools and can be from small “peanuts” to “gaffers” and occasionally a “slammer”. It is so much fun when you get a family out or a group of friends and you run into a school of mahis. It is fast and furious action which usually results in landing quite a few fish. While in the Gulfstream it is not uncommon to run into a sailfish and even a blue marlin. Blue marlin love to eat small mahis and we are always equipped with a the right tackle and lures in case we run to a blue marlin. If you happen to find a good piece of debris, you can also troll deep for a wahoo.

  Summertime is calm weather which is great for daytime and nighttime swordfishing. We do a lot more daytime swordfish trips, but we are equipped for nighttime trips as well. The swordfish can vary from a legal fish of 50 pounds or so and all the way up to 500 pounds. Just last week a 569-pound swordfish was caught in the daytime in the same waters we normally fish. If you have caught almost everything else or want the chance at a real giant, then swordfish trips are right for you.

  Summertime also means trips to the Bahamas. We normally go to Bimini and these trips are multi day trips. We stay at a variety of hotels in Bimini and usually target yellowtail snappers and deep drop for snappers as well. Another option is to target the yellowfin tunas in NW Channel. We recently had a trip there a week or so ago and got our limit of snappers and our limit of tunas as well. The tunas are mixed with both blackfin and yellowfins. Some of the yellowfins we caught were big and our biggest was 85 pounds.

  We have plenty of trips open especially after mid-July. Now is the time to book one of these trips and enjoy some great weather and some great fishing!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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