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Sword Bite Is Starting NOW!

Report Date: August 28, 2008

The daytime sword bite has started. For the past few weeks, we have had a few daytime sword trips and with the exception of yesterday, we have caught swordfish on every trip. Our largest fish this past month has been just less than 300 pounds, and most of the swords have been from 165 pounds to 260 pounds. Even on our trip yesterday, we did have three bites and had one pulling heavy drag near the bottom. Unfortunately all three came off, but we did catch close to a dozen very nice sized dolphin. Our biggest dolphin was probably just under 25 pounds and most were 10 pounds or better.

The daytime swordfishing last year took off in September and the best months were Sept – November. This year it looks like things have started a little early and I would venture to say that it is going to be another good year. I won’t be surprised if someone (hopefully us) is going to land a 600 to 700 pound sword this year.

Most of our trips these past two weeks have been from local anglers that are just starting to get into daytime swordfishing. Most if not all, walk away with enough knowledge to do it by themselves. I got a call from a client who fished with us two weeks ago and caught a 260 pound sword with us. He tried it on his boat a week or so later, and although they got a few tangles on some of their drops, they did hook and fight a large swordfish for a while. Unfortunately they didn’t land it, but they had gained enough experience with us to do this on their own. Part of charter fishing is putting people on fish, but the other part is to share in the knowledge that we have learned. Hopefully our groups learn something from us, but I can tell you I have learned a lot just by listening to what some of my charters have to offer.

The daytime swordfish have been much larger than the swords we have been catching at night, and even catching one daytime swordfish will yield a lot of steaks to bring home. On the other hand, if you are strictly catch and release, I have no problem with tagging a swordfish and letting it go. Since so little is known about these daytime swords, it would actually benefit everyone if we can tag some more of them.

I have some trips already planned for daytime and evening swords in the next few months, but I have plenty of open dates available. I love catching fish and if you want to catch a swordfish during they day or night, the time is now. Let’s catch one while they are snapping.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Dean Panos


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